PresidentGreg Schosslerforapresident2@gmail.comThe FORA President presides at all meetings of the members of the Board of Directors, acts as FORA’s principal executive officer in connection with all business authorized by the Board of Directors and directs and supervises all employees of the Association. In addition, the President acts as the main point of contact with the contracted pool management company. To contact FORA’s president, please use the e-mail address listed.
Vice President Ben Custerfora.vicepresident@gmail.comThe Vice President will exercise all
powers of the President during the President’s absence or disability, have the authority to sign checks, and may perform such other duties as directed by the President. The Vice President acts as the primary liaison between the board and the life guard manager and staff.
TreasurerJenna Randall-Smithfora.treasurer2@gmail.comThe Treasurer has custody of all of FORA’s funds and financial records, collects revenues payable to FORA, maintains “equity refunds” lists, maintains complete records of FORA’s assets and liabilities, prepares and presents financial reports to the Board of Directors; has Federal and State tax returns prepared, submits annual tangible property listings, pays any Fairfax taxes and maintains FORA’s Corporate Status with the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Treasurer will directly interact with the financial management company or paid bookkeeper to oversee all financial duties performed.
SecretaryMegan Levinefora.secretary@gmail.comThe Secretary prepares and maintains full records of meetings of the Board of Directors and of the Association (including complete returns of all elections) gives notice to all members of membership meetings and notice to all Directors of all Board of Directors meetings, maintains the corporate seal of the Association and establishes and maintains all correspondence files.
Membership DirectorAngela Glassmeyerfairoaksmembership@gmail.comThe Membership Director tracks active and inactive regular memberships and temporary memberships, sends annual dues notices, distributes season opening information, processes all new membership requests; reconciles annual dues payments with membership list, processes late notices; and tracks membership totals. The Membership Director will interact directly with the treasurer on all matters involving membership dues and other monies collected.
Swim Team LiaisonGina Flaccoforaswimrep@gmail.comThe Swim Team Liaison is the conduit between FORA and the Fair Oaks Sharks management team. The Liaison facilitates communication between the two groups to ensure the membership is aware of Shark meets, ceremonies, and other activities taking place at the swim club.
Social ChairKatie Faircloth
forasocial@gmail.comThe Social Chair is in charge of the pool socials and private parties.