Membership Information

There are two types of memberships: Regular and Temporary.

Regular Memberships

Open to all families within Fair Oaks Estates and selected portions of the Fair Woods community (click here to see streets that are included), this membership consists of a one-time nonrefundable initiation fee that is established by the Board of Directors. Only regular members are entitled to transfer this membership with the sale of their house, provided they are in good standing with FORA. Such members are the only members with voting rights in FORA.

1. New Regular memberships are $1350 ($800 Initiation fee & yearly dues)

2. Regular membership- $550 (yearly dues)

Payments not received by April 15th will charged a $100 late fee.

3. Inactive memberships- $225

Members in inactive status are excused from payment of annual dues, but must pay an annual maintenance fee. This holds the membership to the house but does not allow use of facilities. If you have been inactive for three consecutive years, you must request extension in writing to the Board.

If you wish to join as a new member, please click here to create an account.

Temporary memberships – $750

Persons who reside outside the regular membership boundaries are eligible for a Temporary Membership. This constitutes a one-­year term coinciding with the swim season and is subject to availability. It is nontransferable or refundable.

We now have a guaranteed renewal until April 15th.  If you have not renewed your account by April 15th your account will be closed.  New Temporary members will be allowed to join.  If you still wish to join after April 15th you will need to email the Membership Director and have your account re-opened.   There is no waitlist.

First request an account by clicking here.

Once you have been given access you must fill out the required information and then submit payment (see below for more information on submitting payment).


Payment Options

Please allow 48 hours to be processed.

  • Online: Pay with a credit or debit card on the Payments page. There is a processing fee.
  • Check: Print the voucher on the Payments page and mail a check to the pool at:
    3720 CHARLES Stewart Drive
    Fairfax, VA 22033